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Partner Management Portal Creation Case Study

Client: Our client is an innovative leader of data analytics software, with a target focus on the US, EU, and Oceanic regions. They had a desire to launch a partner portal that could onboard new partners while providing them support and information in order to close more successful deals.

Creating a partner management portal can be difficult, especially when you have to consider the customer’s needs, budget constraints, and technology restrictions. In this case study, we will walk through how an experience design leader created a successful partner management portal for their business.

The Challenge: Improve user engagement

The client had a website but it needed updating. It was slow to load and had a disorganized design. The goal of the project was to improve user engagement with the website by making it easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

The Solution: Designing an intuitive portal

The design leader worked closely with the client to identify the key features they wanted in the portal. Once they settled on a design, the leader incorporated elements to improve user engagement including:

  • Simplicity – A flat design was chosen to keep the interface simple and easy to use.

  • Integration – The design leader integrated social media widgets for users to easily share content within their network.

  • Navigation – Drop-down menus and links were used to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

  • Personalization – The design leader created a “My Portal” feature which allowed users to customize their experience with the website.

The Result: Increase in user engagement

The results were impressive. After the redesign, user engagement increased by 25% and the number of people signing up for the service doubled. The design leader had created an intuitive partner management portal that was simple to use and improved user experience.


Designing a successful partner management portal can be challenging but with the right strategy, it can be done. By understanding the user’s needs and taking into consideration budget constraints and technology restrictions, an experience design leader can create a portal that is both intuitive and engaging. In this case study, we saw how the end result was a dramatic increase in user engagement.


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