Harnessing the power of perennial consumer needs in Brand Strategy to achieve marketing goals

Client is a worldwide leader in Education Solutions 


Reposition and re-establish the brand as a thought leader in the Data Science domain



A 10 years old education solutions brand was hugely perplexed about what consumers need and how to re-establish themselves as a reputed brand in the age of e-learning companies. 



  • Established the MQL to Lead Closure process 

  • Collaborated with the business teams to uncover insights and strategies to develop and implement marketing and branding strategies for new and existing products, internally and externally 

  • Worked with CEO and the Leadership team to design PR and communications

  • Created a series of world-class neutral content collateral focused on Job opportunities, Market Outlook and Tools needed by the learners community of the Education company. 


  • Generated more than 400 leads in B2C segment for the business unit 

  • Created a lead pool for the client that consistently delivers more than 180 MQLs/ month